Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Front

Author: Patricia Cornwell
Genre: Crime/Fiction
Purchased at: South Coast, bookstore (+/- R60)
Condition: New
Rating: 1/5

Win Garano, the main character, is an investigator/detective, working for the power-hungry District Attorney, Monique Lamont. Here, the story revolves around a cold case, which Lamont requests Win reopen, causing some chaos in both their lives.

I must admit, before having read this book, I had come across the TV movie "At Risk", based on another novel with the above characters. The movie was absolutely horrible, and the acting flat and forced. I was very disappointed. I think this bad experience may have biased my perception of this book, as I would imagine the same actors as I read through the novel. 

While I am a huge Patricia Cornwell fan, this book didn't didn't do much for me. It would probably be a good book for a short plane ride though. Quick read for sure.

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